Human Resources

Ignited with multi-functioning team

SS Trading has developed a team of technical personnel, namely civil engineers, mechanical engineers, and Diploma Engineers along with non-technical experienced personals who are specialized in their respective service fields. This allows the team to multifunction whenever and wherever the situation calls for to give the best results and quality.

We always ensure that our team has a competitive edge and take good care of our well-trained and highly experienced enthusiastic workforce so that their services don’t leave flaws.

Breakdown of Human Resources:-

  1. Graduate Engineers (Civil Engineer, & Mechanical Engineer )-6 Persons
  2. Diploma Engineers-5 Persons
  3. Office Executives- 10 Persons
  4. Supervisor/Foreman –4 Persons
  5. Lever Man –02 persons
  6. Hydraulic & Engine Fitter –02 persons
  7. Master & Driver –02 Person
  8. Crane Operator-01 Person
  9. Workboat Operator- 02 Person
  10. Skilled workforce & Dredger crew-13 Person

Key Resouce Person

Sabbab Hossain, CEO and Chairman

Contact: 01713194059

Wais Hossain, Senior expediter

Contact: 01713194090,