We provide extensive services such as engineering & construction support and provide solutions to develop our position as a global market leader in the Engineering, Construction Dredging & Infrastructure sector.

1. Construction Dredging

We know that the need for construction Dredging in riverine countries like Bangladesh is needed more than ever because this not only helps in preserving the soundness of the river but flourishes water transport and prevents river and embankment erosion. That’s why at SS Trading we provide you with the most skilful workers, planners, and engineers and the integration of State of the art machinery to efficiently excavate trenches and do dredging for laying cables, pipelines, and so on.

2. Civil Construction work

We engage ourselves in quality traffic, rail, and structural engineering work. Our civil construction sector consists of the individuals and companies involved in the planning, creation of our infrastructure along with its design.  We use the best materials to construct the infrastructures assigned to us.

3. Logistic and Heavy Engineering

One of the core necessities that are needed in an engineering project is logistic supports and heavy-duty engineering works. Without these extensive works, fast-tracking a mega project is most likely not possible. That’s why SS trading offers one of the most advanced heavy-duty machinery and efficient yet smart logistic supports to provide quality service and solutions.

4. Water Transport

Jetty and pontoon construction are some of the impeccable infrastructure needed for water transport. Not to mention, causeway and gateways constructions are also an important part of the system. We at SS Trading provide our clients with water transport solutions, designs and construction services with our best engineers, skilfull workers and machines. We have completed over 7 of these projects with the best quality.