Major Concerns

T.S. Dredging and Heavy Engineering Ltd

-Paving pathway to better engineering solutions.

T.S. Dredging & Heavy EngineeringLtd. was founded on 4th August 2016 by Chairman and Managing Director, Md. Sabbab Hossain, a young entrepreneur who had vast experience in Shipbuilding and Naval Architecture. The company started with the core objective to help the country salvage its old heritage of river transportation. They also worked to flourish the economy as a whole by making all major rivers of the land manoeuvrable round the year, Now, they have completed several projects under S.S. Trading and has gained fame both within and outside the borders.


  1. Dredging and Excavation,
  2. Water transport
  3. Engineering Infrastructure Support


Machines owned:

The Company owns one 18” cutter suction dredgers with ancillary crafts and sufficient shore and floating pipes.


Our vision is to be the leading provider of dredging constructions and heavy engineering support and develop to become the global market leader in the Construction Dredging & Heavy Engineering sector.


Our mission is to meet our customer’s demands by offering high-quality service at a competitive cost in a timely fashion.

core values

Transparency: To create a clear and clean communication path between all the stakeholders

Integrity: Keeping promises and upholding commitment and quality of work

Coherence: Being logical and consistent at all times